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Please leave your messages of support for the convoy and for the people of Gaza in the comment box below. Let them know that they are not alone, and that the people of Britain do not support the British government’s arming and funding of Israeli aggression against them!

You can read more messages from people who have donated here.

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  1. M C permalink
    27 November 2009 9:25am

    Best of luck to your group from an Irish supporter of the Palestinian people!

  2. ajit8 permalink
    3 December 2009 12:12am

    Good luck and thanks for all you do.
    Wish I could give more and sooner.

  3. Abdullah Shkokani permalink
    27 December 2009 5:13am

    first of all, i’d like to thank you people for what are you doing, really appreciate your efforts … and i wish you all the best and the good luck …. all palestinans and all the people around the whole world are waiting the moment of breaking the siege and your entry to GAZA.

    Viva palestina …

  4. 27 December 2009 7:53am

    Egypt’s treatment of Gaza is a disgrace !

    Its really hard to believe.

    Victory to the Palestinians !

  5. Richard permalink
    28 December 2009 8:43pm

    I read about your blog in the latest BECTU magazine.
    I am a fellow BECTU member and wish you good luck.
    Great thing to do. Viva Palestina!

  6. Leon Palmer permalink
    4 January 2010 10:53pm

    Hi joti,

    I am a friend of Sarah and Ranjeet. Good luck with it all. I’ve been following your mission from afar. When you said you needed media attention to help I mailed a friend whose dad is part of the democracy and anti zionist movement in Israel. He may be able to help but wanted you to answer lots of questions about who organised the convoy, what’s on it and which organisation is it going to. (Sorry couldn’t paste questions for some reason.) Perhaps you can mail him direct?

    All the best, Leon

  7. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    12 January 2010 5:10pm

    God bless you…you did what we egyptians couldn’t…!!

  8. Walter permalink
    10 August 2010 1:18am

    Viva a Palestina!!!!!!


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