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Workers in Britain have power over the Israeli war machine

29 July 2014


Yes, it’s good not to buy Israeli peppers, but wouldn’t it be even better if we had mobilised the shop workers not to put the peppers on the shelves in the first place?

We as British workers have a huge amount of power over the Israeli project, and we mustn’t be led to believe that all we can do is go to a demonstration and write to an MP, sign a petition and go back home and feel cross. We have power together, and we must be spreading that awareness.

We as communists are nothing if we aren’t trying to spread the awareness that workers have a collective power. We need to be mobilising for no cooperation completely.

That means do not stock Israeli products on the shelves. That means do not supply Israel with war materials or help of any kind. That means do not help the settlements to be built, the infrastructure to be built, the telecommunications to operate.

That means do not put out, help to put out, write, transmit, broadcast or put on a website any propaganda that supports this illegal, genocidal war. These are war crimes.

That’s the message that we need to take into the British working-class movement. That is the message that is lacking. That stops the anger that I felt in the street today outside the Israeli embassy from turning into a power that will frighten the living daylights out of our ruling class and force them to drop their support for this disgusting project.

[Outtake from a short speech I gave at the weekend. Full speech in the video above.]

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