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Resistance is the key to defeating zionism

22 July 2014

Palestinian child in kafiye holds flag and makes victory salute

The lines which do not blur and which have become more focused are the absolute obligation to support Resistance, who are fighting against foreigners, occupiers, and for the very lives of Palestinians.

And in Syria, Syrians, against largely foreign insurgents whose ‘revolutionary’ tactics include: car-bombing civilian areas, mortaring (with insidious mortars packed with bits of jagged metal, glass … whatever will inflict as much pain and damage as possible upon their civilian targets), cutting — often sawing, not enough the luxury of a swift stroke, but instead a jagged blade, a slow and brutal death — and stoning to death, using chemical weapons, and if not murdering flogging, cutting off hands …

It’s time to really bring Resistance to the forefront and erode the stigma corporate media and western governments have tagged them with. They have a legitimate and legally-lauded right to resist.

The countless Syrians I met in Syria, Lebanon and Canada were uniform in their unwavering support of Palestine. Hizbollah has again come out with statements of unwavering support for Palestine.

These, the Resistance, and the medics/rescuers, and the Palestinians resisting in so many ways throughout occupied Palestine and proxy-warred Syria are my heroes and inspiration.

— Eva Bartlett, In Gaza blog

Eva is absolutely right in her conclusion about the need to support the resistance.

It is resistance that is the key to defeating zionism. The resistance of the Palestinians is what has forced the rest of the world to take notice of what is happening there. It is what has steadily destroyed Israel’s moral standing in the world.

There is also our own resistance to think of.

Here in the imperialist countries, there is more we can do than simply ask our imperialist politicians politely not to take Israel’s side — not to send weapons, money or supplies to the zionist state that commits such heinous crimes. We can actually force our governments to drop support if we are prepared to ACT.

What we really need to be calling for in all our respective countries — and especially in those with close ties to Israel like Britain and the USA — is a mass campaign of non-cooperation with Israeli war crimes.

I know that British people are sick of the crimes being committed in Palestine. They are sick of their government’s complicity. They feel powerless. It is the Palestine solidarity movement’s job to point out that they are not as powerless as they think.

Not only the media needs to be held to account and those firms that profit from the war and occupation singled out and boycotted (something our own Palestine Solidarity Campaign does work at), but all parts of the war machine need to be actively stopped from functioning.

We are not only consumers but workers. Media workers should refuse to write war propaganda or to publish or broadcast them. They should be reminded that taking any part in creating such propaganda makes them war criminals too, according to what was established at Nuremberg.

Those who are making munitions for Israel need to refuse to continue with such work. Those who ship them likewise. Those who provide any goods or services to Israel and to the settlements need to withdraw their labour from such work and explain exactly why they are doing so to the rest of the British public. Supermarket workers should refuse to put Israeli products on the shelves. Transport workers should refuse to carry them.

Collectively, as workers, we do have a lot more power over the situation than the ineffectual lobbying of MPs would lead us to believe. The role of Palestine solidarity movements everywhere should be to lead the campaign to raise that awareness and mobilise workers in every area of productive life to get behind such a campaign and bring their co-workers with them.

The whole zionist enterprise would collapse pretty quickly if we put our money where our mouth is and used our collective power. It’s the one thing that could terrify our own ruling class into dropping its support for the Israeli project.

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  1. 28 July 2014 11:05am

    Reblogged this on | truthaholics and commented:
    Respect existence or expect resistance.
    More power to the mass campaign of non-cooperation with Israeli war crimes.

  2. 28 July 2014 6:08pm

    Amin to that.. May your goodwill efforts be blessed.


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