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Urgent: your help needed to overturn Egyptian refusal

25 December 2009

Happy Christmas one and all. Bit of a strange one here. We were supposed to be on a ferry from Aqaba in Jordan to Nuweiba in Egypt last night, but, at the last moment, the Egyptian consulate in Aqaba refused permission for us to land on the other side.

So now we are stranded in Aqaba, hoping that pressure from the Arab media and peoples, as well as from the Turkish (supporters of the convoy) and Jordanian (hoping for us not to be stuck in Aqaba much longer) governments, will push the Egyptians into changing their minds.

Egypt is currently insisting that aid should go through Israel, or, if it goes through Rafah, should be approved by Israel – a fairly embarrassing admission in terms of what it says about Egypt’s sovereignty!

So please email and call Egyptian authorities, MPs, the media etc and try to raise as much fuss as possible. Let everyone know that the convoy has your support and that we will not be moved until we are allowed to deliver our aid and vehicles into Gaza.

British volunteers are trying to bring medicines, pens, paper and toys to the children of Gaza. The fact that we are being refused access should be big news on Christmas Day. Help us break the western media blackout and break the siege of Gaza.

Regular updates on Twitter

More info on Viva Palestina website

Excellent aggregtion of convoy blogs and tweets

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  1. 25 December 2009 11:50am

    Merry Christmas Joti – got the message this morning about Egypt’s cowardly refusal to allow entry to Viva Palestina. I’ve fired off a complaint and emailed the BBC. Birmingham will be out to mark the anniversary on Sunday and we’ll be sure to let everyone know about the situation! Thinking of you, love from West Midlands x

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