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Remember Rachel Corrie

16 March 2010

American ISM activitst Rachel Corrie died seven years ago today underneath an Israeli bulldozer in Rafah, Gaza.

Read her emails home and much more on her memorial website.

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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    25 March 2010 1:15pm

    May her good will be blessed!

    People like her also may not be recognized but they delay and diminish the losses in lives in that land. They fight for the humanity, for the PEACE….

  2. anas permalink
    25 March 2010 2:40pm

    good bless her soul

  3. Ahmed Samir permalink
    25 March 2010 5:02pm

    One day, Palestinians will have a country and will live in peace!

    you had the courage to stop in front of it without fair, just to give us an example that we must stop terrorism even if that will cost us our lives!

    I m not sad for your death in your memory, i am sad that world didn’t get your tip till now that you just sacrificed with your life to give them a push to wake UP

    God bless your soul ..

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