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Video: Craig Murray at London demo: “an act of illegal war”

2 June 2010

“We have seen the European Union call for an inquiry. I can tell you this. Twenty of our colleagues are dead. That is a fact. At the end of the inquiry, twenty of our colleagues will still be dead. What use is your bloody inquiry? We don’t need it!

“What Israel did in boarding a foreign ship in international waters is an act of illegal war, plain and simple … In international waters, the law which applies is the law of the flag state of the ship on which the incident takes place. So those Israeli soldiers must be taken to Turkey and tried for murder in Turkey.

“And we must not forget the the cause of this incident is zionism, because under zionism, there can be no peace. There cannot be peace with a philosophy which claims a divine right to occupy somebody else’s territory and the divine justification for murder.

“Zionism is bullshit! We do not accept zionism. We do not accept Israel’s behaviour. We do not accept the continual existence of an Israeli embassy in London!”

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  1. Greta Young permalink
    8 June 2010 1:44am

    Sorry to say that Helen Thomas, celebrated journalist, has lost her job after anti-jewish statements. I have watched WH press conferences and have always been impressed by her. I admire what she has achieved. Yes, it is time she retired, and no, I do not agree with all of what she said, but I thought there was freedom of speech in the States.

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