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National demonstration against Israel’s attrocities, Saturday 5 March in London

3 June 2010
Protestors voice their anger over Israel's attack on an unarmed aid flotilla. London, 31 May 2010.

Protestors voice their anger over Israel's attack on an unarmed aid flotilla. London, 31 May 2010.

The rising tide of anger and the demand for international action by the British people against the Israeli government’s assassination of peace activists onboard the Marvi Marmara and their continued illegal blockade of Gaza will result in a MAJOR NATIONAL DEMONSTRATION THROUGH CENTRAL LONDON on SATURDAY 5 JUNE 2010.

Assemble at Downing Street, 1.30pm and march to the Israeli Embassy in Kensington, where there will be a rally.

The demonstration has been called by six of the largest organisations in the UK who campaign for peace and justice for the Palestinian people: Palestine Solidarity Campaign, CND, Stop the War Coalition, Viva Palesina, British Muslim Initiative and Friends of Al-Aqsa.

Speaking ahead of the demonstration, Betty Hunter General Secretary of PSC said:

“The barbaric acts carried out by the Israeli army on the peace flotilla have galvanised ordinary British people into showing their opposition to the actions of the Israeli government. This national emergency demonstration is an opportunity for everyone to show that people across this country oppose the illegal blockade of Gaza and the murder of innocent people.”

Long standing partner of PSC and the country’s leading anti-war organisation Stop the War will be supporting the demonstration. Lindsey German, National Convenor of STW said:

“If there is one lesson that all governments should have learnt by now it is that the use of illegal military force does not and can not deliver peace or justice. The actions of the Israeli government including the murder of innocent peace activists and the inhumane blockade of Gaza only create the conditions for violence. There is only one solution to the conflict – a free Palestine.”

CND has been a vocal critic of the Israeli government’s nuclear weapons and their indiscriminate use of force against the Palestinian people. Chair of CND Kate Hudson said:

“A major obstacle to peace and stability in the Middle East is Israeli refusal to disarm their nuclear weapons, which increases the danger of nuclear proliferation across the region, and those dangers are massively increased by the Israeli government’s failure to deliver a peaceful and just settlement for the Palestinian people.”

The British Muslim Initiative, the UKs independent political voice of Muslim community said:

“The massacre that happened in international waters against civilian activists who where on a humanitarian mission is a war crime. This Israeli criminal regime should be isolated in the same way the former apartheid government was. We demand that those responsible for these war crimes are brought to justice immediately.”

Viva Palesina, who have taken tens of tonnes of aid by land to Gaza, said:

“Israel’s attack on the flotilla was a bloody massacre. This is a watershed, like Sharpville and Soweto. The siege on Gaza must end.”

Friends of Al-Aqsa, whose Chairman Ismail Patel was on the Mavi Marmara, issued the following statement in support of the demonstration:

“The attack on the Gaza flotilla was horrific. There has to be international accountability for those who have been killed and injured and we call upon the British government to lead the way.”

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  1. John Mc Donald permalink
    12 July 2010 7:54pm

    I am a musician/songwriter. I am a peaceful person. However, since Nitandyahoo gave the order to murder the humanitarians aboard The Marvi Marmara, a rage inside me continues unabated towards the New World Order of Hitlers ideology, which, has reincarnated and manifested itself in the gang of thugs known as the Israeli government. How ironic? That which they hated, they have become. The Merchants of Venice are alive and well. Nitanyahoo and his band of Nazi thugs who wallow in the gluttoinies of their murders and the suffocation of the Palestinian people must be brought to proper and deserving justice but while the corrupt individuals of the Whitewash House, not only turn a blind eye to the ongoing of the rape and plunder of the Palestinian people and their land, but actually encourage and support it, I wont hold my breath for such a wanting outcome.

    Please, if anyone knows the names of the murdered humanitarians aboard the Marvi Marmara, please, I beg of you to send to me so I may put their wonderful names to song and music, while I shame the bastards who murdered them. Unfortunately, those who know only greed and have no conscience cannot be shamed- individuals like Bush, Cheny, Rhumsfield, Rove and their Boss, Nitandyahoo of Israel, the butcher of Palestine. Obama, also, it seems has sold his soul to the Judas kiss and thirty pieces of silver. He tells jokes about droning people. Some President! I have no time for soft spoken rhetoric in this case. The world is dealing with sociopaths– power hungry monsters who must be stopped and held accountable. God bless all decent people in every walk of life, including the good Jewish people who share our pain at what the leader of their nation has done. In time, the bastard will pay. His name will be synonymous with butchery.

    The lamb was nethanyahoed today.

    I ask again that the names of the martyrs aboard the Marvi Mara be sent to me. In time I will send to you the words, music and song of these great persons. May their names be forever remember for their ultimate sacrifice, while those who butchered them will also be remember for their cowardice and evil . .

    Bless every good heart. It will not deny the truth . . .

    John G Mc Donald

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