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Time to step up the solidarity campaign: resolution on Gaza from CPGB-ML congress

10 June 2010

Video of the motion being proposed is above, and full text of the wording that was passed unanimously is below. From CPGB-ML party congress on Saturday 5 June.

Gaza Freedom Flotilla

This congress notes with outrage the massacre of an as-yet-unknown number of peaceful aid volunteers aboard the Gaza Freedom Flotilla on 31 May 2010. In an act of piracy that violated international law and the Geneva conventions, as well as all norms of human decency, Israel sent hundreds of fully-armed commandos in a night-time raid to hijack ships that were travelling in international waters and posed no threat whatsoever to Israel’s security.

Congress notes that although the number “nine” has been much publicised as the total of slain victims in this atrocity, many volunteers are still unaccounted for, and organisers believe that the death toll may in fact be closer to 20.

Congress also notes with sadness that it took international peace activists to be killed in large numbers to bring the siege on Gaza into the western media spotlight and make it a high-profile issue on the world political stage, in a way that the deaths of 1,417 Palestinians in the Gaza massacre last year failed to do.

This congress believes that, far from constituting the “provocation” that Israeli zionist politicians have described them as, the volunteers were in fact responding to calls from within the UN itself that, since Israel was not being brought to book for its crimes against Palestine, nor the siege of Gaza being lifted through official channels, then efforts must be made by non-governmental organisations to break the blockade and uphold international law.

This congress further believes that, while this particular aid mission may have been stopped, Israel has utterly failed in its attempt to thereby crush the rising international solidarity movement, but has, on the contrary, only helped it to grow and become more determined. Not only are more ships already being bought and filled, but activists and organisations from all over the world are stepping forward to man them. Far from making itself more secure, Israel’s rabid actions have only succeeded in bringing the day of its own demise closer.

This congress applauds the initiative of Viva Palestina and Free Gaza, who, by land and by sea, have been working to bring the siege to public attention, and who have brought together an international coalition of organisations and activists to further that aim, most notably IHH of Turkey, which made by far the largest contribution to the Freedom Flotilla.

Congress sends a red salute to all those brave volunteers who put themselves in the firing line on every one of the siege-busting missions, and especially to the slain heroes of the Freedom Flotilla, whose names will be recorded in the roll of honour as martyrs not only for Palestine, but for the entire working and oppressed masses of the world in their struggle against imperialist domination. They are the true embodiment of proletarian internationalism.

Congress also welcomes the response of the government of Turkey, which has finally shown the way to other states by offering a naval escort to the next aid ships that sail to Gaza.

This congress resolves to take up the cause of the flotilla martyrs by redoubling its efforts in support of Palestine. We call on all our members to become active in the Palestine solidarity movement: to join PSC and raise awareness of the issue in workplaces, schools, colleges and unions.

This congress calls on the British government and people to demand:

    – the immediate release of all those volunteers still held prisoner by Israel;
    – the severing of all diplomatic, financial and military ties between Britain and Israel;
    – the complete boycott of Israeli goods and institutions;
    – an end to British media complicity in Israel’s war crimes;
    – an international tribunal to try Israel’s leaders for war crimes committed during the siege and bombardment of Gaza, as well as against the Freedom Flotilla;
    – an end to the siege of Gaza;
    – freedom for Palestine.
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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    17 June 2010 6:19am

    Loved the video..god bless your efforts

    Thanks 🙂

  2. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    17 June 2010 6:20am

    Loved the video..god bless your effort

    Hope people realize it’s too late to watch the news and start acting


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