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‘Globe to globe’ meets global intifada at London’s Shakespeare theatre – poem and video for the cultural boycott of Israel

28 May 2012

Palestine solidarity activists will be demonstrating at the Globe today, London’s Shakespearean theatre. They will be letting Habima, the Israeli National Theatre, know that performing for colonists illegally settled on Palestinian land makes them complicit in Israel’s breaches of international law and that art may not be used to whitewash human rights abuses.

Please use the poem and video below to spread the word about the cultural boycott of Israel – and let the Globe know that hosting those who collude with war crimes is to join in their collusion.


by Sue Blackwell

If all the world’s a stage – why then, the stage

Must play its part if we would change the world.

Whence this commotion? Why such howls of rage

The moment that our banners are unfurled?

In Shakespeare’s time, an audience was moved

By speeches about justice and compassion.

The Bard, methinks, could only have approved

Of protests carried out in such a fashion.

We’ll take no lessons from those fools who claim

That politics can’t mix with the theatre.

If actors break the law, they are to blame.

Perform in settlements? They should know better!

Attempts to whitewash Israel just got harder:

Now “Globe to Globe” meets global Intifada.


WATCH THIS: Why we say ‘no’ to Habima at the Globe: Miriam Margolyes

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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    28 May 2012 1:17pm

    that’s how human beings should feel

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