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Butcher dies, struggle continues. On the death of Ariel Sharon

17 January 2014
Ariel Sharon evades justice by dying

Originally posted on Facebook, 12 January 2014

As when that other murdering tool of imperialism Margaret Thatcher died last year, I can’t feel any particular triumph at the death of Ariel Sharon.

He is one more blood-soaked war criminal who will never be brought to justice – having lived to a ripe old age and received the best possible medical care for years. Care that is routinely denied to those Palestinians who have survived the many attempts to wipe them out by imperialist-backed zionism.

There will be no justice for Sharon’s victims – or for any of those other millions who have been killed and pushed off their land and out of their homes across the Middle East – until imperialism is defeated and its hideous creation Israel is relegated to the dustbin of history.

The struggle continues. And right now the front line of that struggle is in Syria, with tentacles spreading across Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq and elsewhere.

If you truly want to see imperialism and zionism defeated in the Middle East, if you want to see freedom for Palestine and an end to the reign of all the murdering Sharons, make sure you are doing everything possible to support the national-unity government of Bashar al-Assad against the jihadi death squads.

The Syrian people don’t need ‘aid’ for orphans, they need Saudi, Israel, Qatar and Turkey, who are all acting as proxies for Britain, the US and France, to stop sending money, weapons and mercenaries to tear their country apart.

Everyone who falls for the propaganda lies about Syria and gives support to the takfiri scum – or even to the west-backed ‘humanitarian NGOs’ – in Syria is holding back the chances of victory for Palestine and freedom for the people of the entire Arab world. They are prolonging the life of this terrible system and allowing the body count to rise.

I’m sorry Sharon died in a hospital bed and not in a hangman’s noose. Let our revenge be the laughter of our children … or our children’s children … or our children’s children’s children. The struggle continues for as long as it takes.

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Dr Swee Chai Ang: The children of Sabra and Shatila

Soon I was surrounded by a whole lot of children. Kids without homes, without parents, without futures. But they were the children of Sabra and the children of Shatila. One of them spotted my pocket camera, and wanted a picture taken. Then they all stood together, wanting their pictures taken. They wanted me to show their picture to the people of the world.

Even if they were killed and the camps were demolished, the world would know that they were the children of Sabra and Shatila, and were not afraid. As I focused my camera, they all held up their hands and made victory signs, right in front of their destroyed homes, where many had been killed. Dear little friends, you taught me what courage and struggle are about …

I looked into the face of death and have seen its power and ugliness, but I have also looked into its eyes, and seen its fear. For our children are coming, and they are not afraid.

Ariel Sharon: his Sabra and Shatila legacy – an eye-witness account

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