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Freedom flotilla gets coverage in Britain

29 May 2010
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It’s only the websites so far as I’m aware. Look out for anything on TV, radio or in the print editions! Israel vows to halt flotilla aiming to break blockade Gaza hopes to welcome blockade-busting flotilla Gaza aid flotilla to set sail for confrontation with Israel Israel Vows To Block Gaza-Bound Aid Armada

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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    29 May 2010 10:14pm

    They only published coz it would be so lame if they didn’t..but on the inside I’m sure they would’ve never published such a thing…

  2. Greta Young permalink
    29 May 2010 10:54pm

    I had hoped that Israel would have a change of mind because of the embargo on their goods. Obviously not! I would urge others to do everything possible to discourage their actions by boycotting their exports.

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