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Follow the Gaza Freedom Flotilla and take action to stop the Israeli Navy!

30 May 2010
Signs on the side of the large passenger ship read 'This is a humanitarian ship', in English, Arabic and Hebrew

Signs on the side of the large passenger ship read 'This is a humanitarian ship', in English, Arabic and Hebrew

The international Gaza Freedom Flotilla is finally ready to sail the last stretch of its siege-busting mission across the Mediterranean. The boats hope to arrive in Gaza City harbour this afternoon, but Israel has vowed to stop them.

The nine boats are carrying 800 activists, MPs and journalists from 40 countries. Their cargo of essential supplies denied to Palestinians under the illegal blockade includes 2,100 tonnes of cement, 600 tonnes of iron bars, 150 tonnes of iron, 18 large and 80 small electricity generators, 50 large and 40 small prefab houses, 16 playground kits, sports equipment including footballs and basketballs, $1m worth of medical equipment including a complete dental kit, construction and hardware supplies, stationery including crayons, pens and 20 tonnes of paper for schools, textiles, food including chocolate for Gaza’s children.

Yesterday, I posted a collection of links with more information about the flotilla. Please read them and please also do everything you can to raise the profile of the mission.

Circulate links to your friends and post on social network sites. Write to your MPs, contact the press, and especially write to Nick Clegg. Last December, he called on Gordon Brown to act to end the siege of Gaza, but he’s gone strangely quiet now that he’s in Downing St himself! The Foreign Office seems entirely uninterested in the fate of 28 British passengers illegally threatened by Israel’s Navy.

And do keep watching Press TV, Al Jazeera etc over the next 24 hours. If Israel carries out its threats to attack the boat and capture the passengers, we need to be ready to MAKE SOME NOISE about it!

Updates will also be posted here:
Reading PSC
Free Gaza movement
Viva Palestina

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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    30 May 2010 11:04am

    The amounts of the aid is enormous mashallah hope it reach Gaza safely…

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