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Email the British foreign office: Recall Britain’s ambassador to Israel now!

31 May 2010

Please email this letter to William Hague at, and to Nick Clegg at and

Dear Mr Hague

Israeli naval forces this morning stormed a peaceful flotilla of boats delivering humanitarian aid to Gaza, and killed 20 of the unarmed civilians on board. Dozens more have been injured. Forty British nationals were on the flotilla. None of them have yet been accounted for.

Will the British government continue to maintain its complicit silence over the attack, or will it finally speak out and condemn Israel’s piracy and murder on international waters?

You had the opportunity to defend British citizens sailing with the flotilla, and demand safe passage for them and the vital aid they were carrying, but you chose not to do so.

You now have the opportunity to stand up for international law, and to lead the international community in condemning Israel’s actions and holding them to account.

I call on you to take this opportunity. You can begin by recalling Britain’s ambassador to Israel. Your political and moral obligations lie with those who seek to peacefully deliver aid, not with a country which repeatedly violates international law.

Yours sincerely

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  1. Cllr Jim Bollan permalink
    31 May 2010 3:52pm

    Sanctions against the Government of Israel now! The UN needs to act immediately and call for international sanctions.

  2. Jonathan Dale permalink
    3 June 2010 12:06pm

    Please be stronger in your attacks against the state of Isreal? That UK and Scotland wants no part, or dealings with a state that treats people inhumanely. I would urge the UK Goverment to push the UN on Isreal and do something to stop Isreal’s blokade of Gaza.


  1. Protest again tomorrow – no more complicity in Israel’s war crimes. No peace for the warmongers! « Joti's journey to Gaza

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