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Protest again tomorrow – no more complicity in Israel’s war crimes. No peace for the warmongers!

1 June 2010

There’s still no word on who the wounded and martyred volunteers are, nor any contact with those who have been captured by the Israeli pirates.

Please keep up the pressure on representatives, ministers, the press etc. We must demand that Britain withdraws all military, economic and diplomatic support for Israel and withdraws its ambassador from Tel Aviv.

Write to Nick Clegg
Write to the foreign office
Full media and government contact directory

And demand that the media stop allowing itself to be an uncritical vehicle for Israeli propaganda while all those who could tell the true story of the attack are kept prisoner by the perpetrators. The BBC has been the worst offender by far when it comes to allowing Israel to set the parameters of the conversation. Other channels show footage shot on board the boats; the BBC shows only ‘information’ released by the Israeli spin machine!

We know the volunteers on board the ships were unarmed civilians, forced to defend themselves against attack by highly-trained, fully-armed, and notoriously trigger-happy commando fighters. How can they try to claim ‘self-defence’ when they launched an unprovoked, illegal assault on a legitimate aid ship in international waters? This is a clear cut case of piracy, and any defence that the boat’s passengers and crew mounted was heroic and entirely justified!

Let there be no peace for the warmongers until all our prisoners are released and the siege on Gaza is lifted!

Long live the martyrs of the Gaza Freedom Flotilla!

Lal salaam

Details of tomorrow’s protests (TUESDAY 1 JUNE) are below.

LONDON – 5.00pm outside Israeli Embassy, HIGH STREET KENSINGTON TUBE STATION, then TURN RIGHT and WALK UP … you will HEAR US!

BRADFORD – 4.00pm outside AL-HAMBRA

FRANCE – “à l’ensemble des initiatives unitaires de protestation : rassemblement parisien demain à proximité de l’ambassade d’Israël, à 18H30 au métro Franklin-Roosevelt, rassemblement à Marseille à 18H00 sur le Vieux-Port, rassemblement à Montpellier à 18H00 place de la Comédie, et dans d’autres villes de France”.


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  1. Mohamed Hassan permalink
    1 June 2010 3:04am

    There was two Egyption MPs from Muslim Brotherhood and yet we don’t know anything about them :S

    Hope some news would appear about all these issues…

  2. Peter Reynolds permalink
    1 June 2010 8:31pm

    Obama must take decisive action against Israel. The appeasement of the Israelis must stop and they must be stopped.

  3. Greta Young permalink
    7 June 2010 10:54pm

    I know it is a lie bur I feel I should alert you that I had seen Jon Voight, actor and activist, state on American TV that those on board the first ship, which was attacked, stated that some were paid fighters who would only get their money if they attacked Israelis. I believe this to be a cruel lie, but it should be addressed.

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