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Protest BBC pro-Israel bias; end media complicity in war crimes!

2 June 2010

Via Counterfire

The BBC is facilitating the massive Israeli spin machine now underway to justify the latest atrocity off the coast of Gaza.

So far the BBC has not interviewed a single Palestinian spokesperson. Instead, viewers have been exposed to a succession of Israeli government apologists claiming the massacre was an act of ‘self defence’.

The BBC has also failed to use any of the alternative footage shot on the ships by Al Jazeera and Press TV journalists, among others, although this is in widespread circulation. It has, on the other hand, made very wide use of video footage released by the Israeli army, which Israel CLAIMS shows soldiers being attacked with iron bars etc.

This footage is totally unverified. More to the point, it doesn’t change anything. The BBC has failed to point out that if armed pirates hijack a ship in international waters, those on board have the absolute right to defend themselves by any means. The aid volunteers could have had AK47s and it would not have justified Israel’s behaviour!

In fact, of course, the volunteers were unarmed, as Israel knew. They knew that because Turkey checked the passengers and all the cargo before the ship set sail.

One commenter on Counterfire has noted that “Then there’s the way issues and discussions are framed. For example, BBC Radio 4’s The World Tonight interviewed Andy McNab – ex-SAS, writer – about how the IDF could have carried out a better operation on Monday morning. That’s hardly the point is it? I couldn’t care less about the nuances of IDF tactics – they shouldn’t have been there in the first place!

There’s also the under-reporting of demonstrations, the lack of space for people from the anti-war and pro-Palestine movements, and the absence of any real attempt to provide historical or political context.

For a prime example of shifting the goalposts and taking up the issues as Israel is instructing us to view them, see this article, entitled ‘What went wrong?‘ It’s conclusion seems to be that Israel should have sent MORE troops, and used more tear gas and stun guns before the commandos came on board the ship, implicitly accepting Israel’s version that the troops a. had a right to be there, b. went in softly, and c. met with strong and unexpected resistance.

The whole article rests on the credibility of one soldier and one (embedded, Israeli) reporter. Meanwhile, all the alternative footage and every eye-witness account from the people who’ve been released, tells a completely different story.

Complain to the BBC about this biased media coverage. Remind them that propaganda that supports illegal wars and occupations IS ITSELF a war crime!

Phone: 03700 100 222
Email your complaint:

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