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Video: protestors speak out in London on Monday 31 May

2 June 2010

Via Counterfire

“If the international community lets Israel get away with this war crime, it is saying that Israel can commit genocide against the Palestinians. Israel is putting two fingers up at humanitarian law, international law, and it is saying to Europe, America, the rest of the world, ‘We believe we can do what we like.’”

“There should be immediate cutting off of all aid, all money, all relations, so that … apartheid Israel finally gets the message that what it’s doing is unacceptable.”

“We are completely outraged … it’s a terrible thing that they have done … We know that the Israelis behave illegally; we know they behave immorally; we know that they cause massacres … We want to make it clear that Israel does not speak for jewish people; it speaks for itself. They’re zionists and they’re murderers.”

“It was humanitarian aid and it shows quite clearly that the Israelis want to starve the people of Gaza to death. It is their final solution for the ‘Arab problem’ … There should be absolute boycott on all Israeli goods. They [the government] should break diplomatic relations …”

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